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DIY House Improvement: The best ways to Paint Over Laminate Countertops
09.02.2017 00:06

If you're tired of the appearance of your counter tops, however cannot afford to purchase brand-new, consider painting them to provide them a fresh makeover. Depending upon the size of the surface area you want to cover, you can expect to pay anywhere from $ 50.00 - $ 100.00 for this merely DIY home improvement project, which can be completed in as little as a day. We've supplied easy-to-follow guidelines and a valuable supply to help you find out the best ways to paint over laminate countertops.
Note - In order for this DIY house remodeling task to come out looking best, the countertops you will be painting over need to remain in good condition. There need to be no chips or dings or excessive scratch marks.
Products required to paint over laminate counter tops:
- TSP Cleaner
- Painters tape
- Protective work gloves
- 150 grit sandpaper
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- Primer for nonporous surface areas
- Acrylic latex enamel
- Clear polyurethane
- Paint roller
- Roller heads
Thing's first - Prep the countertops by sanding them with 150-grit sandpaper to rough up the surface area. TSP Cleaner is a product you can find at any paint, house, or hardware makeover shop.
It works to remove any trace quantity of grime, oil or grease. Make sure to use protective gloves while dealing with TSP. You're all set to start painting as soon as you've finished this process!
The best ways to paint over laminate counter tops:
STEP 1 - If you are able to do so, remove the sink. If you are not able to eliminate the sink, cover the bowl with paper or plastic and tape off the location around the counter top.
ACTION 2 - Prime the surface area with a guide produced impermeable surfaces. An acrylic guide can be replaced, if wanted.
ACTION 3 - Paint over laminate countertops with either an acrylic latex enamel paint, or one designed particularly for counter top coverage. , if you want to have a rough finish that looks like granite counter tops think about using Modern Masters Countertops Transformations.
STEP 4 - Allow the first coat to dry 30 - 60 minutes and apply a second coat.
STEP 5 - Allow the paint to dry over night.
ACTION 6 - Seal the recently painted countertops with clear polyurethane to secure them from chipping and from water damage.
Extra pointers -
Do not use the sink linked to the countertops for several days after painting.
After you paint laminate countertops, do not utilize extreme chemicals to clean them. Instead, use warm water and vinegar, or a moderate detergent, to obtain them tidy.
Do not enable water to sit on the countertops. Clean them down after each use.


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